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Clinical Education Philosophy

The program's clinical education philosophy extends the DPT Program's belief in continuous integration of theory and practice across the curriculum by incorporating part-time clinical education, Integrated Clinical Experiences experiences and full-time clinical internships throughout the curriculum to facilitate a successful transition to clinical practice as a professional. Program faculty believe our patients are an integral component of the student's educational process.

Faculty also believe clinical education should be developmental and patient-centered. Therefore, experiences are sequenced from less to more complex and patient management is integrated with professional practice expectations and practice management in collaborative environments to best serve our patients. Student self-responsibility for learning through frequent reflection is emphasized. The DPT Program recognizes the invaluable role of clinical education faculty as partners in the education process who serve as teachers and professional role models.

Clinical education experiences provide supervised opportunities for students to develop and apply knowledge and demonstrate competence. Classroom experiences are expanded into teaching laboratory practice courses where students participate in community service-learning wellness and prevention initiatives with healthy individuals and individuals with pathology and disability across the life span. Full-time internships take place in a variety of environments representative of contemporary physical therapy practice and patient/client differences.

Adopted by the Entry-Level Physical Therapy Program Faculty in November, 1995 Revised and Approved in July 1996, November 1999, January 2000, January 2001, January 2004, March 2006, January 2010, August 2011, January 2013, January 2014

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