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Physical Therapy Program Format

The Carroll University Entry-level Doctor of Physical Therapy program consists of a six-year course of study, divided into two phases. The pre-professional phase consists of the freshman, sophomore and junior years when students pursue their bachelor's degree while the professional phase includes the senior year and two years of graduate study allowing the student to earn the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) in a total of six years.

Pre-Professional Phase

During the pre-professional phase for students pursuing the 3+3 accelerated cohort, in the freshman, sophomore and junior years, students must complete a minimum of 98 credits in their undergraduate majors with a pre-physical therapy emphasis, including all general degree and distribution requirements, while fulfilling the requirements for entrance into the professional phase. Student pursuing the 4+3 cohort must meet all degree requirements and fulfill requirements for entrance into the first year of the professional program. Current pre-professional phase progression standards are listed in the undergraduate catalog.

Professional Phase

The Entry-Level Doctor of Physical Therapy program involves three years of coursework and clinical experiences. During Year I, students complete 31 credits in physical therapy program at the 400 level. Bachelor's degrees are awarded to those students satisfying all relevant college requirements at the conclusion of Year I, which is the senior year for students following the 3+3 cohort. In addition, students must satisfy specific academic requirements to progress in both Year II and Year III of the DPT program. Current progression standards are listed in the graduate catalog.

Students take 48 credits in Year II and 43 credits of courses in Year III of the physical therapy program. An entry-level Doctor of Physical Therapy degree is awarded upon successful completion of all three years of the DPT program. As part of the DPT Year II and Year III professional curriculum, the candidates must satisfactorily complete all required weeks of clinical education at facilities affiliated with Carroll.

Becoming a Physical Therapist

To practice physical therapy, students must:

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