Testimonials from Fellows

“This program is engaging and extremely beneficial for future professional development and opening doors to the community. You are able to learn more about yourself as a professional and take on a trial and error position to learning and education. I would recommend this program to anyone who wishes to grow academically, professionally and personally.”
Kaitlyn R Disalvo, Fellow in Psychology.

​“Being a Humanities Center Fellow allowed me to step outside my comfort zone and gain experiences that I greatly value. My confidence both in front of the class and individually with students steadily grew over the semester, and I came to greatly enjoy the satisfaction of seeing students understand and become excited about a topic. I have no doubt that the skills I gained during my fellowship will aid me in any field I enter when I graduate.”
Emma Thorpe, Fellow in English.

 “The fellowship program and experience is a way to build connections with students and faculty members, as well as get further insight and behind the scenes into what it is like in a teaching role. It allows the opportunity for fellows to grow and strengthen a variety of qualities, while working close with a faculty member to provide needs for all students enrolled in the course.”
Sydney Hale, Fellow in Theatre.

Testimonials from Faculty

“Mentoring a Humanities Fellow was for me an invaluable opportunity to think actively, and critically, about why I do what I do in the classroom, and how I process my interactions with students. Having to coach a Humanities Fellow in how to lead class discussions, teach material for a whole week, and handle students’ comments and feedback, required me to be  mindful of how I approach those same things, and to be able to formalize them, concisely, to guide the Humanities Fellow in their own prep work and reflection.”
Massimo Rondolino, Faculty Mentor in Philosophy.

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