Humanities Center Fellows Program

The Humanities Fellows program is a structured peer educational experience in which an undergraduate is embedded in a Carroll University course. Fellows work closely with faculty mentors in order to provide direct instruction and an additional source of student support. Fellows teach one week of class, offer office hours, and share best practices for studying, researching, and writing. (Please note that Fellows must not be responsible for or aware of student grades.)

Goals of the Fellows Program

  • To provide undergraduates with a structured peer educational experience that can help stimulate deep learning.
  • To provide an opportunity for Carroll University students to engage with core Humanities concept and epistemologies.
  • To provide a professional development experience.
  • To provide students with an additional classroom resource.
  • To distinguish Carroll University’s Humanities programs from peer institutions

How to Sign Up

Interested students or faculty should contact Dr. Lara Karpenko at

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