Celeste Goeller '19

Major: Psychology
Minor: Theatre Arts

What made you choose this major?

I’m driven to help people, and want to facilitate our own ability to operate and function in the world around us. I believe that at the core of this is information, and through the investigation of psychology, I can truly understand and begin to help myself and the world around me.

How has what you’ve learned prepared you for your future? 

Through the courses I’ve taken so far I’ve acquired a specialized and comprehensive knowledge of what I need to begin my career. I have been involved in a rigorous academic schedule that truly cultivates time management skills, and has also afforded me a wide breadth of knowledge.

What opportunities have you had to work closely with a faculty member and what impact has that had on your education?

I’m currently involved in a case study with a professor. This work has not only given me experience, but also has cultivated a network of individuals on which I can rely, and further cemented my career path. Her attention to detail and willingness to work with me has created an open working relationship that has better prepared me for work in my field.

What’s a unique experience you’ve had relating to the coursework for your major?

A brain dissection in my Biopsychology class this semester stands out to me most currently. While I’ve found all the lectures and class experiences memorable, the brain dissection was the most interesting and memorable lecture I’ve had.

How has Carroll enriched your growth as a person outside of the skills you’re learning in the classroom?

My minor allows me to pursue my active interest in theatre arts, and learn about the sociological factors that can affect our view of the world around us. My investigation into the arts fulfills my creative needs whilst also providing me a solid foundation in networking and communication.

Why did you choose to attend Carroll University?

Work and school and play? Count me in.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

The faculty and staff here are committed to facilitate their students’ learning, school life and future career path. When you’re here, you’re not alone! You find your way with the help and guidance of any professor you have (even if they aren’t within your major)!

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