What Is Academic Advising?

Academic advising at Carroll University is a 50/50 partnership between you (the student) and your academic advisor who is a member of Carroll's faculty or staff. As a result of this dynamic relationship with your academic advisor, you will be given direction and assistance as you:

  1. Take ownership of your educational experience and learn to become a member of the Carroll community by thinking critically about your role and responsibility as a student.
  2. Achieve your educational, career and personal goals during your time at Carroll University.
  3. Prepare to be an educated citizen of our global community by extending your learning beyond Carroll's campus.

At Carroll, we have both faculty and full-time academic advisors who are experts in the requirements that compose your educational program.

It is recommended that you meet with your academic advisor 2-3 times per semester to monitor your educational and career plan and make adjustments as needed, due to your changing interests and situations. You are required to meet with your assigned academic advisor at least once per semester, during advising season, to be cleared for registration for the upcoming semester.

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