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Cross-Cultural Studies Thread: Faculty Support Site

This Canvas site is a repository of information for instructors teaching in the Pio Core Cross-Cultural Thread. It includes an overview of the four courses in the thread as well as their place within Gen Ed writ large, as well as syllabi templates, signature assignments, and more. 

This course is available to Carroll University community members with a CU email address.

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teaching the online/hybrid course

Teaching the Online/Hybrid Course

This 2-week workshop focuses on recognizing and adapting to the unique requirements of the online learning environment. We will cover how to prepare your course, adapt your assessment plan, and engage your students while still meeting the learning outcomes for your course. During each week, you will work through 3 modules of content on your own. Then at the end of each week, there is an opportunity to put your learning into practice and receive feedback from the facilitators and your peers as you prepare your course for online and hybrid learning.

This course is available only to community members with Carroll University email addresses.

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logo for mixed modality student engagement

Teaching in Mixed Modalities: Student Engagement

Teaching students who are in various locations prompts us to think differently about when and how learning happens. This module helps you think about how your students can be engaged while making their learning visible, regardless of where they are. The module addresses how to prioritize flexibility in learning while deprioritizing the setting, how to develop engaging activities that align with your learning outcomes, and how to layer in the added complexity of teaching and learning across modalities. By the end of this module you will have created a plan for a discussion or a group activity, enabling you to experiment with a mixed modality strategy right away. 

This course is available to the public. CU community members have the option, from within the module, of sharing their work with Teaching Commons staff for feedback. 

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teaching with canvas

Teaching With Canvas

The course introduces the fundamentals of Canvas, our learning management system (LMS), so you can integrate Canvas into your goals for student learning and assessments. This course covers creating assignments and assessment (including exams); organizing and sharing course content; grading digital coursework; supporting group work; encouraging student discussion; and communicating and meeting with students.

This course is available only to community members with Carroll University email addresses.

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logo for CU on Canvas template tutorials

CU on Canvas: Template Tutorials

In this instructor-focused training course, you will find a series of tutorials on how to adopt and modify the CU on Canvas Template that has been automatically populated into your course sites. The goal is to help you navigate the template for sharing your course information with students as well as make the process of personalizing the template easier.

The course includes six modules; you can use one, some, or all of them:

Adding syllabus information
Selecting and linking to modules
Personalizing the template
Using online/hybrid templates
Using a unit overview structure
Merging imported content

This course is available only to community members with Carroll University email addresses.

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