Faculty Development Committee-Sponsored
Grants & Sabbaticals

Spring 2021: Full-Time Faculty & Librarians

Spark Mini Grant
With gratitude for our faculty’s dedication and hard work during this extraordinary year, Provost Mark Blegen and the Faculty Development Committee are happy to invite full-time faculty and librarians to apply for the Spark Mini Grant. Applicants are eligible to receive up to $300 to reignite and launch research and/or innovative teaching agendas.

What steps can you take right now to generate momentum toward your research and teaching goals? Supplies, subscriptions, software, certification renewals, books, and more can inform and connect your inquiries to future projects or teaching initiatives. With these funds, how might you re-energize your creative spirit? 
This year, Carroll’s COVID travel policy means that funds will not be available to support faculty travel during the Summer 2021 terms. Therefore, we continue to urge you to think creatively about your funding needs. Since many are no longer able to travel or conduct the research activities possible before the pandemic, are there alternative opportunities available to you for which you could use funding?


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