Donating Archives or Special Collections

The Carroll University Archives adds only materials which support the Archives and Special Collections mission: to serve the campus community by preserving records of and relating to Carroll University and Carroll College, recording and documenting its history and providing access to this information. In addition to acting as an institutional archive, the Carroll University Archives document the academic history, student life, alumni experience, history and culture of the University through their collections.

Items collected or accepted as gifts include:

Official papers of the university, public or private works of staff, professors and offices of the university that relate to the university, publications of the university and its students, items descriptive of student life and other information that provides historical information on the university. We cannot accept copies of original items.

Items not needed by the Carroll University Archives may be disposed of through exchange, donation or physical destruction. The Archives does not have the resources to prepare detailed inventories of gifts and by law the Archives can assume no responsibility for estimating the value of gifts.

The following conditions apply to gifts:

  1. Gift materials should contribute to the history of the university.
  2. The Archives will not accept gifts with conditions as to their disposition or location except by expressed permission of the library director.
  3. The Archives does not accept duplicate copies of materials.
  4. Items requiring preservation attention beyond the capabilities of this university will not be accepted.
  5. The Archivist cannot legally appraise gifts for tax or inheritance purposes.
  6. Material to be deaccessioned may be returned to the donor, gifted to a more appropriate repository or discarded.

More Information and Mailing Address

For more information, contact Sue Riehl at 262.951.3210 or
Address: Todd Wehr Memorial Library | Carroll University | ATTN: Archives | 1111 Sentry Dr. | Waukesha, WI 53186

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