Confidential Intention Form

Dear Donor: We realize that many people who plan to support Carroll University through their estate and/or financial plans prefer to keep their intentions private. However, by letting us know of your plans, we can thank you during your life, and confirm that we are able to fulfill your stated intentions. Please know that completing this form is non-binding - we understand that you may change your plans at any time. Please also know that all information you share with us is kept strictly confidential. - Office of Gift Planning

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(I/We have not previously shared any information with Carroll University about this intention.)
( I/We have previously provided Carroll University with gift intention information. Using this form, I/We are providing updated information. This form replaces all previous shared documentation.)
I/We have established a gift to benefit Carroll University in the future by means of:

I/We wish to designate our Gift to be used for the following purpose(s):


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