Biology | Campus Employment

Department – Biology
Job Title – Biology Student Worker

Purpose of Job

  • To assist the faculty, staff and students of Carroll University through working onsite in the laboratories of the Biology Program.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To help prepare the Biology laboratories which may include but not be limited to washing glassware, cleaning labs, organizing materials, using and maintaining lab equipment, and more.
  • Prepare media for microbiology labs and various solutions for all lab courses.
  • Upper level students with experience may be assigned to specific duties associated with various lab courses.
  • Some students may have the opportunity to work in the vivarium.

Job Qualifications

  • The desire to learn proper scientific techniques and to work in an active public setting.
  • The ability to work effectively as a team member.
  • The desire to represent Carroll University in a positive light as a representative of the University.  


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