Celebrate Carroll

4/17/2024 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Celebrate Carroll

Celebrate Carroll is Carroll University's signature academic showcase event. Since 2005, the university community has set aside a day every spring to celebrate and highlight the academic and scholarly achievements of Carroll students and faculty through oral, poster and visual arts presentations.

Starting in spring 2024, Celebrate Carroll will pilot a hybrid conference format. Carroll community members can access the presentations that participate in the pilot online starting April 1st. Visitors can peruse oral, poster and visual arts presentations at their leisure, exploring and revisiting the material over the course of two weeks. During our in-person event, visitors will have an opportunity to engage with these presenters in dynamic Q&A sessions and in the poster room. All other presentations that do not participate in the pilot will take place exclusively on the day of the event.

Students have the opportunity to earn a convocation point by attending three sessions. Note that presenters cannot earn a point for their own presentations.

To continue to build a vibrant culture of scholarship at Carroll, faculty are encouraged to cancel their classes on the Wednesday of Celebrate Carroll and all students, faculty and staff are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity by presenting or attending the conference.

Wednesday, April 17th 2024

You must register to present at Celebrate Carroll. Paper presentations should be 20 minutes long, with the exception of PA students whose presentations should be 30 minutes long.

Registration for the 2024 event will open in February.

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