Engineering Dual Degree

Engineers bring ideas to life. Engineers are the ultimate problem solvers, determining ways to make things possible, improved, or more efficient, ultimately enhancing people's lives. Utilizing fundamental scientific, computational, and mathematical tools, engineers tackle real-world problems, generating solutions across diverse industries such as transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications, computation, and construction – practically every industry imaginable. They play a pivotal role in developing and maintaining technology that drives us forward. In short, engineers bring ideas to life through innovation, crafting solutions, designing products, and shaping the world around us.

“My objective is to become a civil engineer and change the demographic in STEM-related occupations.”

— Maria Acosta Pedroza '21

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About The Program

In Carroll’s engineering partnership program, you will earn two bachelor’s degrees, one in Applied Physics from Carroll University and another in the engineering discipline of your choice from the partner school. The program includes three years of general core courses and two years of major-specific courses.

Year 1 - 3 : General Core Courses

All students follow the same course plan during the first three years*. In the engineering dual degree program, students start their studies at Carroll, covering core courses in mathematics, science, and general engineering.

Year 4 - 5 : Major-Specific Courses

After the third year, students will choose one of the following pathways leading to a dual bachelor's degrees:

  1. Dual Degree: Engineering from UW-Platteville & Applied Physics from Carroll
    • After the 3rd year, continue for two more years at Carroll
    • During the 4 & 5th years, take major-specific courses online at UW-Platteville**
    • Earn a B.S. in Mechanical or Electrical engineering from UW-Platteville
    • Earn a B.S. in Applied Physics from Carroll
  2. Dual Degree: Engineering from UW-Milwaukee & Applied Physics from Carroll
    • After three years at Carroll, transfer to UW-Milwaukee
    • Finish the 4 & 5th years in-person at UW-Milwaukee
    • Earn a B.S. in the engineering field of your choice from UW-Milwaukee
    • Earn a B.S. in Applied Physics from Carroll

Dual Degree Program PDF

*There might be a slight difference in coursework depending on the engineering emphases
**Occasional travel to Platteville or Fox Valley for lab work might be required


What Makes This Program Unique

We've found a different approach to educating future engineers at Carroll University. Courses and professors guide students in learning, developing, and refining their critical thinking skills while mastering the concepts they need to choose an engineering focus and succeed. Carroll prioritizes students' long-term development, offering a unique educational environment and delivering high-quality learning experiences along with personalized attention.

  • Small class sizes
  • Individualized attention from professors and advisors
  • No “weed-out” classes
  • 100% of students receive financial aid
  • Competitive athletics program
  • Free supplemental instruction
  • Stronger physics foundation enhances understanding of engineering principles
  • Supportive faculty
  • High graduation rate
  • In-demand job market
  • Well-paid career

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