Getting Student Volunteers

The Pioneer Volunteer Center connects our students to volunteer opportunities throughout greater Waukesha and Milwaukee, ranging from one-day, one-time service projects to ongoing placements. We can assist your organization in a variety of ways, from one-time volunteer opportunities to ongoing needs. We have organized small groups who help sort donations, serve as mentors in after-school programs and spend quality time with older adults, and have also assisted in supplying student volunteers for annual fundraisers, large-scale projects and special events.

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Our Community Partnerships

We currently partner with more than 40 organizations working to improve our community through environmental sustainability, education, poverty alleviation, health care and more.

Contact Alex Smith, Assistant Director of Student Activities  |  262.524.7417

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Carroll University Community Service Job Program

Are you a federal, state or local public agency, or private nonprofit organization in need of additional assistance to carry out your mission? Our students are hard-working leaders looking for the opportunity to share their talents and gain valuable experience.

As part of federal work-study regulations, Carroll University is required to use at least seven percent of our federal work-study allocation to employ students in community service jobs. If you have a need to fill positions designed to improve the quality of life for community residents let us connect you with our Pioneers. 
Our students have worked at schools, hospitals, small businesses and clinics. Student earnings are paid, in part, by the federal government and Carroll University. Interested organizations should contact Kellie Erickson to determine if our program is a good fit for your needs. 

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