Six-Week Challenge

Transitioning to college life can be a little overwhelming. Our Six-Week Challenge helps with a lineup of events and activities during the first six weeks of fall semester. You’ll be encouraged to stay on campus and get involved for six weeks before making your first visit home.

playing frisbee

Six Week Challenge Activities

 Participating in the Challenge helps you to establish independence, make new friends and get to know Carroll and all it has to offer. Prizes will be raffled every week of participation, leading up to the award of three, final grand prizes. Just a few of our Six-Week Challenge even features include:

trivia Trivia

Who doesn't love trivia? Put your knowledge to the test at one of our trivia nights!

headphone disco Headphone Disco

Think giant dance party in a silent room, because everyone is wearing their headphones.

fans in stands Yell Like Hell!

This is Carroll's version of a pep rally during Homecoming Weekend. Student Organizations put together performances and acts for a Friday evening show.

See Carroll For Yourself

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