A Veteran's Journey from Carroll to the Capitol

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Published Date: 11/10/2023

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Dr. Scott Nichol '03
Dr. Scott Nichol '03

On this Veterans Day, we pay tribute to remarkable individuals like Dr. Scott Nichol '03, who have devoted themselves selflessly to the service of their country.  

Hailing from the heart of Milwaukee, Dr. Nichol's journey in the Navy began in 1980 when he enlisted as an Intelligence Officer. Following the tragic events of 9/11, Dr. Nichol decided to reenlist for another six years, ending his service in 2007.

Dr. Nichol's commitment to military service runs in the family. His uncle, Captain Lovell, played a pivotal role in Apollo's 8 and 13 missions, and this legacy served as a powerful motivator for him. 

“As I got older and more involved in seeing what was happening in the world and having a front-row seat to much of it for years, I wanted to give back and learn more,” said Dr. Nichol. “When your uncle is Captain Lovell from Apollo’s 8 and 13, I think the drive to follow him was a real force that led me to want to get involved where I can.” 

The military not only instilled discipline and a sense of purpose in Dr. Nichol but also encouraged him to pursue higher education. This military background led him to Carroll University as a non-traditional college student, choosing to return to education later in life. 

In 2003, he proudly earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Carroll. This marked the beginning of a fascinating journey that would eventually lead him to the world of journalism. 

Dr. Nichol joined the ranks of Fox News as a correspondent in 2004, working alongside the legendary Tony Snow, who later became the White House Press Secretary under President Bush in April 2006. Just two weeks later, Dr. Nichol joined him in the White House as an Assistant Press Secretary. 

Driven by a thirst for knowledge and a relentless commitment to making a difference, Dr. Nichol pursued a master's degree in National Security Studies from the American Military University and a Doctorate in Political Science for International Relations from Sciences Po in Paris, France. He also obtained a Certificate in Public Policy from the prestigious Harvard Kennedy School of Government. 

Throughout his remarkable career, Dr. Nichol sharpened his expertise in counterterrorism, specializing in intelligence preparation, coordination, and planning. His knowledge extended to tackling international threat issues, such as terrorism, instability, political violence and the intricate strategies and procedures required for special military and interagency operations planning. 

Dr. Nichol has leveraged his expertise to mentor and educate the next generation of professionals in the field, serving as an adjunct professor in the Criminal Justice Department at the University of North Texas's College of Health and Public Service. Additionally, he assumed the role of Director of Academia at the Emergency Operations Proving Grounds.  

“While I was teaching Domestic & International Terrorism at the University of North Texas, I got a firsthand lesson in what young people did and didn’t know about the world,” said Dr. Nichol.

Today, Dr. Nichol splits his time between Dallas and Fort Worth, where he serves as a government & international business development manager for Shoppa's Material Handling. He also offers consulting services and plays a crucial role in providing security for the popular TV series, Yellowstone. 

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing people in politics, military, press and business,” said Dr. Nichol. “Without my military and schooling background, much of that would never have happened.” 

As we pause to honor and reflect upon our Veterans' profound sacrifices and remarkable achievements, Dr. Nichol's journey stands as a shining example of the extraordinary paths that can be charted through unwavering dedication, selfless service and unyielding determination. His story is a testament to the remarkable individuals who have devoted themselves to the service of their country, and it continues to inspire us all. 

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