Carroll Announces New Sport Performance Institute

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Published Date: 3/9/2021

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Carroll's Sport Performance Institute will serve students and the community.
Carroll University is announcing its new Sport Performance Institute, a partnership between the College of Health Sciences faculty and students and the university’s athletic programs. The Carroll University Sport Performance Institute (CUSPI) will also extend its reach to serve the surrounding community.

“The CUSPI's research and practical work cover a range of activities such as testing and monitoring Carroll athletes, educating sport scientists and coaches, and completing applied and translational research projects,” said Tim Suchomel, institute director and internationally-known speaker. Suchomel is also an assistant professor of exercise science and the program director for the Master of Science in Sport Physiology and Performance Coaching.

Carroll athletes will have the opportunity to have their performance assessed regularly throughout each academic year. The information from these testing sessions will then be used to design training programs that target any weaknesses and build upon athletes’ strengths. Student-athletes will continue to be monitored throughout their athletic careers at Carroll.

“This is a unique approach to developing performance that marries academics and sport performance with athletics that very few universities pursue, especially at the Division III level. This is a very unique initiative and there is nothing else like this in the state,” Suchomel said.

“The launch of the CUSPI is an important step in connecting Carroll faculty expertise and technology with the broader community,” said Tom Pahnke, dean of the College of Health Sciences. “It provides an opportunity for individuals interested in improving athletic performance to benefit from high-tech applications previously reserved for elite or professional athletes.”

“Although the primary goal is to take care of our athletes, eventually we want to offer similar opportunities to community high schools, private gyms and sport clubs,” Suchomel explained.

Working in the institute will be part of students’ education in the sports physiology and performance coaching graduate program. “The students will gain hands-on experience with athletes as assistant human performance coaches and deliver data to sports coaches in usable forms so they can make evidence-based training decisions,” Suchomel said. “Metrics such as relative strength, speed, power and conditioning status are used to form individual athlete profiles and this information will be used to guide our training decisions.”

The institute’s work will be spread across Carroll’s athletic facilities.

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2021 Sport Performance and Coaching Clinic

In conjunction with the institute, Carroll is announcing a day-long, virtual Sport Performance and Coaching Clinic on Saturday, April 17. Eight internationally-recognized speakers will discuss topics related to motor skills and agility, long-term athlete development, periodizing nutrition, and speed development. Cost is $20 for students and $70 for professionals.

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