Carroll students selected as finalists in worldwide photography competition

Author: Carroll University

Published Date: 2/12/2018

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Carroll students, Marissa Stacy '18, Sara Hostert '18, Jaryn Bear '18 and Ashley Prosken '19 each had photographs selected as finalists in the Photographer's Forum competition, Best of College and High School Photography 2018. Marissa, Jaryn, Sara and Ashley were among the top 13 percent selected from over 9,100 entries, from 48 countries. This is the 38th annual student photo contest hosted by Photographers' Forum, a magazine for the emerging professional. The competition is open to any high school or college student from around the world and the winners are published in the November issue of Photographer's Forum. Each year the competition draws thousands of submissions.
Sara submitted a photo that she felt helped express her anxiety and depression. The photo shows Sara looking forward while her shadow behind her is screaming. Sara says, "I wanted to create something that showed how others saw me, as well as how I felt on the inside—which is why the shadow is screaming." Sara also mentions that, "Being selected as a finalist for the Photographer's Forum is very exciting for me, not only because this is my last year as a college student, so it is my last year to submit, but also because I feel very strongly about this photograph and I'm happy that others like it as well." 
Marissa chose to submit a photo from her class project that was inspired by Edward Weston, who was known for shooting vegetables in black and white. Marissa submitted her photo of cauliflower in black and white. "This photo was one of my favorite photos from the project. Professor Phil Krejcarek encouraged me to enter some of my photos in the Photographer's Forum competition." Marissa also adds, "I'm super excited that this photo was selected as a finalist. This was my first time entering a photography competition and now I will definitely be entering more in the future."

Jaryn decided to submit a photo from her "In Rainbows" series that she captured during her studio lighting photography class. The series is her own interpretation of the Radiohead album of the same name. For the photo, Jaryn used a longer exposure and used moving lights to create motion around a still subject. She says, "I was honored to be considered in this competition and I am so grateful to have been chosen as a finalist."

Ashley submitted a photo that she refers to as “simple” but to her, that’s what makes the photo unique. The submitted photo is a black & white image of a lamp that is illuminated by the sun shining through blinds. “I enjoy the rhythm and harmony the photo captures with the repetition of the horizontal lines from the blinds and the shadows on the lamp shade.” She adds, “I was very surprised to receive a letter from Photographer's Forum announcing that I was a selected artist. I felt so overjoyed that I let out a yelp with a large grim on my face. I never thought I would become a published artist, let alone for my photography. It is a great honor and I hope to grow from this opportunity."

Past winners have included:

2017, Megan Batz '20: Megan submitted a photo of a barn by using the painting with light technique. The barn is located on a farm that she has been visiting since she was a child. Megan says, "The memories I make each visit makes the photo even more meaningful to me." When asked how she felt when she received the news, she said, "I was very excited. My heart was racing, and I could not stop smiling. I also called all of my family members to let them know. It felt like a dream."

2017, Daniela Salgado '18: Daniela submitted a photo which she calls a "minimalistic composition that represents the city of Buenos Aires." Daniela credits her professors who "definitely encouraged me to push myself out of my comfort zone and value my own work."

image of woman and her shadow

2018 Finalist

Sara Hostert '18

image of black and white cauliflower

2018 Finalist

Marissa Stacy '18

image of motion light and still subject

2018 Finalist

Jaryn Bear '18

image of a lamp and blinds

2018 Finalist

Ashley Prosken '19

image of a barn

2017 Finalist

Megan Batz '20

laundry hanging from a line in urban setting

2017 Finalist

Daniela Salgado '18

Panoramic View of campus