Alumni couple Nhi (Ho) and Mitch Poss

Mitch Poss ’17 & Nhi (Ho) Poss ’18

Nhi and I met while working together at the Media Center during the winter break of 2017. We were the only two people working during then, so there was plenty of time for those small awkward, yet cute interactions young people who secretly have crushes on each other tend to have. For the first few days we did not interact much, but as we started to notice similar interests in what we were doing, our interest in each other gradually built up. 

I noticed her watching an anime I had been a fan of; she noticed me working on a personal graphic design project, that being her college major and passion. We started talking about nerd culture, the passion we share towards art and photography, our love of traveling and experiencing new cultures, just to name a few. Being a foreign exchange student from Vietnam, a large part of our interest in each other stemmed from sharing the values and experiences from each of our native cultures.

On the last day of winter break, I mustered up the courage to give her my phone number, and ask her out to coffee. Two years later we are happily married with a wonderful, bright future awaiting us. I am grateful to Carroll, the Art Department, the Media Center, and all of the wonderful individuals along the way for giving me a happiness I never expected to receive; sometimes the best things in our lives are shown to us in the most unexpected ways.

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