Alumni Couple

Jeff Kirk '86 and Bryn (Viel) Kirk '87

Late fall 1984 there was an "air band" competition on campus. First floor Swarthout put together an air band to compete. One of the girls on second floor Swarthout decided to rally the other girls to rush the stage during the performance, cheering on the 1st floor band and hoping to help them win.

Jeff was the "lead singer" acting as Freddie Mercury of Queen while the band performed Bohemian Rhapsody. Bryn was one of the girls from 2nd floor who participated as a "groupie."

After the performance Bryn asked the girl who organized the cheering if she knew who was playing Freddie Mercury. She did, and told Bryn all about Jeff. (She also expressed surprise that we didn't already know each other because we had been in the same religion class all semester.)

At that point Bryn was distributing Christmas cards to her friends and decided to leave an anonymous card for Jeff at the Swarthout switchboard.

The secret didn't last too long though because Jeff saw other people (during religion class) with Christmas cards signed with the same purple marker, and he simply asked someone from whom she had gotten the card.

That evening, or within a day or two, there was a snow storm which resulted in an epic snowball fight around Steele and Swarthout. Jeff approached Bryn during the fight to say he knew she had sent the card.

We started studying for finals together, and went to see Beverly Hills Cop as a first date before the semester ended. 


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