Aerospace Jam

About the Program

The Aerospace Jam is a competition for high school teams across the state to use drones on a NASA Artemis-inspired simulated moon mission. The program is co-sponsored by the NASA Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium and the Milwaukee Bucks. Our goal is to recruit students from diverse backgrounds and cultivate a welcoming and inclusive event that will foster meaningful interactions among teammates and teams.


Registration and Commitment to Participate Application

Aerospace Jam registration is open today and the event is open to public and private high schools in Wisconsin.  High Schools that are interested in participating in the competition will need to register using the “Register for Aerospace Jam” submittal form located on this web page.  The “Commitment to Participate Application” will be due on August 2, 2021.  Teams need to have a committed faculty leader, 5-8 students, and approximately 2 hours per week to commit to the program. 

Teams will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Challenge

In September, teams will be provided with a drone and sensor kit to design and build a data-acquiring platform for a “landing” on the South Pole of the Moon.  Monthly meetings and technical support will be provided throughout the fall and early spring semesters.  In spring 2022, teams will compete in a day-long event at the Milwaukee Bucks’ Fiserv Forum.  All team members will be provided free tickets to the Bucks game later that same day. Parents will be able to purchase tickets to attend the game with their students participating in the program.
Specific team challenges may include:
            - specific drone maneuverability tasks
            - sensing and locating objects within the flight area
            - measuring objects within the flight area
            - mission planning
            - communicating team progress and goals to public via social media
            - providing technical support to other teams


The goal of the sUAV Challenge it to demonstrate the utility of drones for data acquisition and maneuverability, particularly those applications that use lightweight sensors to measure specific properties and objects within a flight area.  Student teams will be scored on a series of challenges within a complete set course with different levels of difficulty and within a specified timeframe.


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