Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) 3+3 Direct Admission

The pre-professional phase includes the freshman, sophomore and junior years at Carroll University. If students with direct admission status meet all progression standards after their junior year at the University, they transition directly into the professional phase of the DPT Program in the senior year.

During their freshman, sophomore and junior years at the University, direct admission students earn credits toward undergraduate degrees in existing Carroll majors which have a pre-physical therapy emphasis. Direct admission students earn their bachelor's degree at the end of the fourth year of study and a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at the end of the sixth year.

Recommended High School Coursework 

  • One year of biology
  • One year of chemistry
  • Three years of mathematics
  • Other suggested courses include physics, anatomy and physiology, calculus, advanced placement, international baccalaureate, or early college credits

Application Process

  1. Apply to Carroll University
  2. List Physical Therapy as your major
  3. Submit the following items to complete the application process:
    • Official high school transcripts through the sixth semester
    • Senior class schedule (recommended)

Priority Application Deadline: March 15 

  • Candidates that complete the application process and receive a direct admission seat by March 15 are encouraged to submit their general and program deposits ($200 each) by April 1 to ensure availability. After April 1, seats will be offered based on availability. 

Accept Your Direct Admission Seat

If you are offered a direct admission seat to the Physical Therapy program, secure your seat with these steps:
  • Submit your Acceptance of Admission and $200 general admission deposit (refundable through May 1) to confirm your plan to attend Carroll University.
  • Submit your Reply to Offer - PT Direct Admission form and $200 program deposit (non-refundable) to secure your direct admission seat. 
  • Review and submit the Safety and Technical Standards, which will include Progression Standards.
  • Candidates offered direct admission after May 1 have 10 business days from the time of acceptance to submit their intent to enroll and $400 deposit

Important Dates

November 3, 2023
Physical Therapy Program Open House

December 1, 2023
Physical Therapy Program Open House

February 2, 2024
Physical Therapy Program Open House

March 15, 2024
Priority application deadline

April 1, 2024
Priority confirmation deadline

Carroll University students with direct admission status must satisfy all DPT program prerequisite requirements by the end of spring semester of their junior year of college in order to advance into year one of the graduate program in their senior year.

Progression Standards

Please refer to the Carroll University catalog for details regarding progression standards for this program.

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