Early College Credit Program

Attend college while you're still in high school? You can at Carroll. Our Early College Credit Program allows high school juniors and seniors to take select college courses while still in high school. In most cases, the approved courses count towards both your high school graduation requirements and college credit. It's a great way to get an early start on your college education and gain access to the greater learning opportunities at Carroll.

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You have options

Courses can be completed through the Wisconsin Early College Credit Program or with special approval from Carroll University as a secondary school student. If you successfully complete your high school graduation requirements, you'll earn a high school diploma regardless of whether the requirements were met while attending a high school or college.

About the Early College Credit Program

Wisconsin's Early College Credit program allows public high school juniors and seniors who meet certain requirements to take postsecondary courses at Carroll University. Early College Credit Program students may seek approval to take college courses in a variety of areas, as long as they have administrative approval and meet any prerequisites. Most students in this program are eligible to enroll in 100 or 200 level college courses; however, students are encouraged to reference Carroll University's catalog descriptions and prerequisites. Timetables for the upcoming semester may not be available prior to submission of paperwork. Therefore, students may want to contact Sarah Singsime at ssingsim@carrollu.edu for course recommendations.

In some cases, students may be required to complete a placement exam. Some coursework may require referral to the academic department for a recommendation and approval of advanced courses. Advanced international language courses require a language placement exam.

The last day to submit an approval form to Carroll for the Summer 2024 semester is April 15th, 2024.
The last day to submit an approval form to Carroll for the Fall 2024 semester is August 1st, 2024.

Download the Early College Credit Program Agreement Form

About the Special Approval Program

Students who are enrolled in private high school, or those who are home-schooled may apply to Carroll University as a dual enrollment student under the special approval option as they are not eligible to participate in the state sponsored programs. In addition, public high school students who may have missed an application deadline for their district or those not approved for participation may choose to seek special approval to enroll in a college level course at Carroll University through the Early College Credit Program coordinator.

Students who are given special approval to take these courses are not eligible for a tuition benefit through their secondary school. In some circumstances, a private high school may opt to support a small group of students to participate in a particular course at Carroll University. All other students who are given special permission to take a college course are responsible for tuition costs, at the current part-time rate published by the University.

Preparing for the Journey

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