Japan: Exploring A Land of Contrasts

Japan is a floating world of contrasts. This archipelago of nearly 7,000 islands is home to one of the most technologically advanced cities in the modern world. It is also a land that is deeply rooted in historic and cultural traditionalism. With nearly 130 million people living in a geographical footprint the size of California, Japanese have created a harmonious balance between traditionalism and modernism. The cross-cultural experience, Japan: Exploring a Land of Contrasts enabled students to engage in a full immersion into the Japanese culture over a two-week period. They spent most of their cross-cultural experience in Tokyo and the immediate surrounding area, paying special attention to arts, fashion, language, food, historical events, music, religion and popular culture. They also visited Osaka and Kyoto, experiencing the oldest and newest Japan has to offer. Students completed the course with a reflection project that could include digital storytelling, photo essay, expanded journal and more.

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“This trip has made me open my eyes to things that I never would have been able to understand, and it's made me more independent.”
— Bennett Jacobs '17

students laughing in japan
students on beach in japan
students walking into Japanese park
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students at baseball game in japan
student taking a picture of insect
Students spent two weeks studying Japan's affinity for modern living and historical tradition
students in Japanese market

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The World is Your Classroom

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Carroll University’s general education requirement, or the Pioneer Core, is more than a checklist of required courses. It’s the centerpiece of our undergraduate experience and an opportunity to explore your interests across the arts, humanities, social sciences and natural sciences with a cross-cultural thread running throughout.

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Whether you travel near or far, you’ll learn to see the world through someone else’s eyes and build understanding for people, places and ideas that are different from your own through the Cross-Cultural Experience graduation requirement.

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