2022 Pioneer Scholars

Carroll University recognizes the 2022 pioneer scholars and their mentors for their academic and scholarly achievements.

Brian Tomczyk & Thomas St. George

Brian Tomczyk

Thomas St. George

Lindley Distribution on Time Scales

This project involves helping Dr. St. George investigate how the Lindley probability distribution can be extended to time scales. The focus of the project is to come up with a general definition, along with defining characteristics of the distribution to any time scale domain. If successful, further research into special cases of the distribution may yield fascinating connections between them and the original form the distribution take on the real numbers. Models of the distribution will be demonstrated through the programming language Python. 

Anthony Buffington, Olivia Sievert & Joe Piatt

Anthony Buffington

Olivia Sievert

Joe Piatt

Examining Water Quality of the Fox River for Ecologically Significant Ions and Urban Micropollutants in Anticipation of Waukesha Water Supply Switch  

This research project centers around the imminent water supply change affecting the City of Waukesha. In 2023 Waukesha’s drinking water supply will switch to Lake Michigan via the Milwaukee Water Works. The water will be treated by the Waukesha Clean Water plant (CWP) and returned to Lake Michigan via the Root River. Currently, Waukesha’s water supply comes from subsurface aquifers (i.e., groundwater). After use, the water is then treated in Waukesha’s wastewater treatment facility and discharged into the Fox River. There are concerns that following the water supply switch, the Fox River’s ecology and hydrology will be affected due to treated effluent no longer being discharged into the river.

Lynelle Jen Napata & Rebecca Imes

Lynelle Jen Napata

Rebecca Imes, Carroll University faculty

Rebecca Imes

The Intersection of the Obesity Stigma and Race Within Physical Therapy

The goal of this project is to gather first person narratives to better understand the impact of the intersection of the obesity stigma and race and how that effects one's ability to receive good quality healthcare (specifically physical therapy).  

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