Academic Progression Standards | Master of Science in Exercise Physiology

  1. Students must maintain both a semester GPA > 3.21 and cumulative GPA > 3.0.
  2. A student is placed on academic probation if one or more of the following occur: 
    • Semester GPA <3.20
    • A grade of C is earned in any combination of two classes
    • A grade of a "U" is earned in any ONE clinical course. EXP 520, EXP 580, EXP 590, EXP 600, and EXP 610  
  3. A student must repeat any course in which a grade of “U,” D, or “F” is earned. and is unable to take subsequent courses, for which this course is a prerequisite. A course may only be retaken once.   
  4. The student remains on academic probation until the student can repeat and successfully pass the course.  The student may not progress to subsequent courses in the program if the course is a prerequisite of another.
  5. If a student is placed on probation due to GPA requirements, probationary status will be removed if the student attains a cumulative GPA of 3.0 in subsequent semesters. 
  6. A student may not graduate on probation and must graduate with a cumulative GPA > 3.0. 
    • If a student is placed on probation in their final semester of the program, the student must repeat the most recent course(s) that resulted in probation. 
  7. A student is automatically dismissed if one or any combination of the following occur: 
    • A student's semester GPA <2.8
    • A student unsuccessfully passes a course retake
    • Earning a probationary grade of “C” or lower or “U” in any combination on three separate occasions 

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