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As a Preceptor, you will play a critical role in the clinical education of our PA students and help shape future providers to deliver quality, patient-centered care. You will have the opportunity to help our students develop their skills and clinical judgment throughout their clinical year and effectively apply the concepts they’ve learned during their didactic year. If you are a Physician, PA, or NP and you have a passion for your profession, life-long learning, mentoring and teaching, Carroll University is looking for you. Join our clinical education team! For more information about becoming a preceptor, contact the Clinical Education Coordinator for more information.

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In addition to the AAPA program, our university offers an end of year “Preceptor of the Year Award” and “Distinguished Preceptor Award” in both outpatient and inpatient settings. The clinical students vote and select the awardees as a thank you for going above and beyond in their dedication to PA education.

Dr. Robert Gullberg

Internal Medicine and Infectious Disease Preceptor of the Year Award 2019

Dr. Douglas Olk

Pediatrics Distinguished Preceptor of the Year 2019

Dr. Gregory Rosner

General Surgery Distinguished Preceptor of the Year 2019
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