Adaptive Education Minor

Prepare to teach in a truly inclusive classroom and broaden your skills as an educator by adding a minor in adaptive education. This program will ready you to meet the diverse needs of all students within the general education classroom.

With Carroll’s adaptive education minor, you’ll develop essential skills to work with students of exceptional needs in the classroom. Your coursework will help you identify and assess exceptional needs students and develop effective teaching strategies to educate students with diverse learning and behavioral needs. You’ll learn about educational assessment and the ins and outs of an IEP (Individual Education Plan). You’ll build communication skills to successfully interact and collaborate with families of special needs children, colleagues and community agencies and you’ll be provided with critical strategies you can utilize to create truly inclusive classrooms.

Our teacher education program is built upon the understanding that all children, adolescents and adults can learn and our students are advocates for learning. This minor is designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills and disposition to more effectively teach children with special needs in the classroom. Your coursework and experiences will include content, strategies and lessons in structuring the environment to make inclusion a viable experience for the special needs student.

This minor is in addition to your first license and at this time does not require an additional PRAXIS II Content Knowledge Exam.

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