Careers in Business Economics

A degree in business economics prepares you for a variety of careers or for continuing your education in graduate school in fields such as law, economics or business. Business economics also provides an excellent foundation for a future in public policy or politics.

Our majors pursue careers in:

  • ​Government
  • Economic market research
  • Banking and finance
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Education

Types of employers for business economics graduates:

  • Government departments (involved in Agriculture, Business, Finance, Labor, Transportation, Urban Economics and International Trade)
  • Consumer goods manufacturing firms
  • Market research firms
  • Commercial and regional banks
  • National and regional brokerage firms​

Example job titles of graduates with a bachelor’s degree in business economics:

  • Asset manager
  • Bank officer
  • Business analyst
  • Commodities broker
  • Credit analyst
  • Equity trader
  • Financial planner
  • Foreign exchange trader
  • Investment banker
  • Securities analyst
  • Stock broker

Our graduates are employed at organizations such as:

  • PMA Securities
  • Comptroller of the Currency
  • Countrywide Home Loans
  • RJ Filut & Associates
  • US Army
  • JPMorgan Chase Bank
  • New England Patriots
  • Downtown Green Bay Inc.
  • McFarland State Bank
  • Cisco
  • US Bank
  • First Presbyterian Church
  • State Farm Insurance

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