Psychology Degree Tracks

While not required, psychology majors may choose to further specialize their study through one of the following tracks:

Clinical/Counseling track

In the clinical/counseling track, you’ll focus on dealing with individual behaviors and prepare for careers in counseling or clinical settings. You can select from courses such as developmental psychology, biopsychology, abnormal psychology, personality and behavior. Students who select this track do so with the intention of someday working with clients in a clinical setting.

Industrial/Organizational track

In the industrial/organizational track, you’ll focus on the application of psychological principles in group settings such as the workplace. You can select from such courses as industrial and organizational psychology, consumer behavior, experimental social psychology and animal behavior. This might suit a career in human resources, or even advertising, with its investigation of consumer behavior.

Research track

In the research track, the focus is on developing an awareness of and competence in research. You’ll select from courses such as biopsychology, social psychology, neuroscience, animal behavior and research methods, in addition to completing a research seminar.

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