Pre-Professional Program in Law

A lawyer works within the legal system and can assist and advise their clients on legal proceedings and issues. Lawyers play a critical role in our society. They work to ensure the fair application of the law, and they are involved in everything from managing contracts, guiding business executives, and writing wills to assisting with intellectual property rights, environmental issues, prosecuting or defending criminals, and litigating cases in court. Lawyers also work with individuals dealing with employment situations, family law, and personal problems. Lawyers also work in governmental settings, from the State House to municipal government. They also work within the non-profit world and apply their training in a host of different professional settings. Preparing for a future as a lawyer requires a well-rounded educational background with in-depth knowledge of legal principles, regulations, and procedures.

Pre-Law at Carroll

Carroll University’s Pre-Law program is not a major but a statement of your intention to continue your education and attend law school. No official pre-requisite courses for law school exist, and a specific major is not required. Instead, law schools want prospective students to take a rigorous curriculum that strengthens particular skills such as reading, writing, communication, public speaking and critical and logical thinking.
Admission into law school is based on the successful completion of an undergraduate degree, scores on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), a strong GPA, and letters of recommendation.

Popular pre-law majors at Carroll are:

  • English
  • Political science
  • History
  • Philosophy/PPE
  • Business
Every pre-law student at Carroll is assigned to work with the pre-law advisor, who will guide you through this journey and work to ensure your success in applying to law school and getting accepted into law school. You will be able to participate in seminars and workshops that will help you understand the law school admissions process. Your advisor will assist you in studying for the LSAT, finding a law school that fits your career aspirations, and preparing you for admissions interviews.

Recommended courses, regardless of major, include:
  • Constitutional Law
  • International Law
  • Principles of Business Law
  • Communication Law
  • Healthcare Law and Ethics
  • Introduction to Logic
  • Introduction to Criminal Law

Carroll’s Pre-Law students have a long history of success after completing their undergraduate degree. Over 90% of our graduates are admitted to their law school of choice.
Recently, students have enrolled at law schools including:
  • Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law
  • Moritz School of Law at The Ohio State University
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Law
  • University of Illinois-Champaign College of Law
  • Marquette University Law School
  • Valparaiso University School of Law
  • University of Miami School of Law
  • University of Wyoming College of Law
  • Mitchell Hamline School of Law
  • DePaul University College of Law
  • University of Illinois-Chicago School of Law
  • Belmont University College of Law

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