Aviation Science and Drone Technologies Minor

Unmanned aircraft systems, or drones, have expanded far beyond their military and hobbyist beginnings and have emerged as an important technology in numerous businesses and industries. Carroll University's pioneering Aviation Science and Drone Technologies minor—the first offered in Wisconsin—has been developed in response to this rapidly growing demand for unmanned aircraft system pilots and related sensor specialists. Adding a minor in unmanned aircraft systems to any number of majors at Carroll can broaden your career prospects, as drone use soars. 

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About the Minor

Carroll University's Aviation Science and Drone Technologies minor provides hands-on, interactive learning that will introduce you to unmanned aircraft technology while helping you develop new skills and building your academic resume. The 16-credit minor is perfect for those curious about this emerging field or anyone wanting to incorporate unmanned aircraft, also known as drones, into their career objectives. Industries such as aviation, precision agriculture, surveying and mapping, infrastructure inspection, wildlife management, pipeline or power line patrol and emergency management, among others, would truly benefit from a background in aviation science. Courses in this minor cover a variety of topics and include lab time and flight simulations.

Program Outcomes:

Upon graduation, an Aviation Science and Drone Technologies Minor will:
  • Be able to understand and Demonstrate safe operations of unmanned aircraft systems.
  • Be able to understand and Analyze acquired drone data using sensor payloads.
  • Demonstrate competency of Python coding.
  • Demonstrate the process of drone design and flight.
  • Demonstrate and analyze the process of drone detection and identification using counter drone systems.

Latest Program News

Carroll University student flying a drone.

Carroll Announces New Majors in Aviation Science and Video Game Design


Carroll University is proud to unveil two new undergraduate majors that both provide an innovative education in emerging fields: the bachelor’s degree in Aviation Science and Drone Technologies and the bachelor’s degree in Video Game Design.

two drones, an unmanned aircraft and a submersible

Research project relies on unmanned aircraft


A Pioneer Scholars project illustrates the interdisciplinary potential of Carroll's new Unmanned Aircraft Systems minor

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