Admission to the Honors Program

The Carroll Student Scholars Committee (CSSC) envisions an honors program with approximately 100 undergraduate students.

Students are invited to apply to the honors program at one of two times:

Invitations are issued to incoming students who show strong academic promise based on their high school performance and college entrance examination scores. Full-time freshman students who demonstrate academic excellence during their first semester by attaining an overall GPA of 3.50 or better are also invited to apply early in spring semester. All applicants are also judged on the quality of a short essay that they submit to the CSSC.

Curriculum Details

Students beginning the honors program with the fall semester of their freshman year are required to take six total honors courses. Students admitted to the honors program during the second semester of their freshman year, or later in the case of transfer students, are required to complete five total honors courses.

Progression Requirements 

Participation in the honors program is indicated on the student's official transcript and is recognized at graduation. If a student leaves the program for any reason, any honors courses taken to that point are still indicated on the transcript. All honors courses have an "H" designation in addition to the course number.

Students in the program are eligible for priority registration for all of their courses (not just honors courses). This means that they may register the day before seniors, and are thus normally assured of getting into the courses they prefer.

Students who do not meet the established progression standards below will be considered “inactive” and have their early registration privileges revoked.

Students with questions regarding the honors program should contact the Honors Center at for more information.

If I am removed from the Honors Program, can I re-apply? 

Former Honors Program students wishing to re-apply to the program may do so once the following requirements are met:

If the aforementioned requirements are met, you must provide the details of your circumstances and describe your future plans for success:

Please email the requested information to This will be reviewed by the Carroll Honors Center Committee, and you will receive an email confirming their decision.

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