Sociology examines the social world and how members of a society act, think and interact. In our sociology program, you’ll learn how social forces shape human action and social relationships, from small group interactions to international movements. You’ll explore culture, inequality, social change and even the relationship between society and the environment to gain a better understanding of how societal and cultural forces affect your life, and others, at home and around the world. Our mission is equipping you to work to help people flourish in the places they live.

“At Carroll, I’m able to run cross country and keep up with my academics.”

— Kailee Remez '21

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About the Sociology Major

Carroll University’s sociology program prepares you for multiple careers in today's changing world. You’ll examine the societal and cultural forces driving these changes, and address important issues in real-world contexts. Our program prioritizes rigorous learning, knowledge application and vocational relevance. You will be challenged to cultivate a sociological imagination and foster personal competencies for applying it in and outside the classroom.

You’ll use sociological theory, research methods and empirical evidence to critically examine the social world and current issues. You can narrow your focus by selecting from one of three course tracks. These prepare you for a career in the fields of sustainability, social work or community development. In addition, the sociology major allows you to add a complimentary field of study and still graduate in four years.

You’ll also have opportunities to learn outside the classroom through internships, field experiences and student research. These are opportunities to apply the knowledge you’ve acquired in real-world contexts, gain vocational experience and obtain networking contacts for employment after graduation. Carroll University's location offers numerous internship opportunities with agricultural, small business, social services and corporate organizations in rural, suburban and metropolitan settings. You can take semester-length internships with a variety of organizations, undertake field projects in vocational settings and engage in sponsored summer research as a Pioneer Scholar.

Become a Social Studies Teacher

Pairing the sociology major with Carroll’s secondary education major can lead to certification by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction to teach social studies in high school and middle school. Your coursework will provide you with depth in your major while also preparing you to teach multiple disciplines in the social sciences.

Tracks / Minors

While not required, sociology majors may choose to further specialize their study through one of the following tracks. In addition to the major, Carroll offers two minors in sociology that complement many areas of study:


We help you build real world experience, explore careers and network with professionals through internship opportunities. Recent placements include the following companies:

  • Children’s Miracle Network
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • Waukesha Land Conservancy
  • Johnson Controls
  • Michael Fields Agricultural Institute
  • The Rosebud Indian reservation in South Dakota
  • AmeriCorps
  • The Plowshare Center
  • The Waukesha County Green Team


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