Helping Your Student Succeed

From the day new students are admitted to Carroll, we're committed to providing them with the resources and tools that will help them achieve success. We believe that the support of family members and people closest to the student is very important and we also know that no one wants your student to succeed as much as you do. There are many ways you can help our academic advisors put your student on the path to success.

Tips to Help Your Student in the Advising Process

For Family Members and Supporters of Exploring Students

For Family Members and Supporters of Major-Changing Students


Common Questions From Parents and Supporters

Why is my student taking classes not related to their major?
Is my student still going to be able to graduate if he/she changes their major?
Will the classes my student took previously be wasted if they change their major?
How many classes should my student be taking per year?
How do I know my student is taking the classes they need? How can I make sure my student is doing what they need to in order to graduate?

Every Pioneer Needs Guides and Support

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