Goal 3:

Building and Leveraging Partnerships

Pioneer Driven: Carroll University's New Vision For Distinction
Carroll University will maximize the impact of strategic partnerships that focus on innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. Collaboration is the key to future growth and success. That may mean nurses, physical therapists and physician assistants working together to improve patient outcomes. Or it may be Carroll students, faculty and staff solving complex business issues in cooperation with local companies.

We will be committed to developing and building partnerships to provide both an exceptional student experience and to deliver services and solutions to the community at large. Through the expansion of these real-world learning experiences and internships embedded across disciplines, our students will gain a distinct advantage—one that is responsive in rising to the demands of today’s workplace.
Further, we will explore additional avenues of opportunity and reinvigorate existing partnerships that will help to expand our reach and programming, and better serve the educational goals of non-traditional, international and lifelong learners. Through the development of new strategic partnerships that focus on innovation and entrepreneurial thinking, we will distinguish the university in the community at large and expand our visibility as a leader in higher education in southeastern Wisconsin and beyond. 

Carroll University Will:

1. Develop partnerships that provide opportunities for experiential learning by:

2. Partner with other educational institutions to increase opportunity and accessibility by:          

  • Aligning systems and policies to eliminate barriers in the transfer process.
  • Expanding pre-college partnerships that provide pipeline programs to Carroll.

3. Create new opportunities for global and international study by:

  • Establishing bilateral agreements between Carroll and international institutions.
  • Exploring the establishment of a Carroll campus outside the domestic United States.
  • Creating the Carroll University Office of International and Immersive Education.
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"Our goal is to combine hands-on, experiential learning opportunities...with an interdisciplinary general education that develops students' ability to analyze data, use technology and better understand their fellow humans."

Dr. Charles Byler  |  Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Additional Strategic Plan Goals:

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