Goal 4:

Growing Strategically

Pioneer Driven: Carroll University's New Vision For Distinction
By leveraging our strengths of progressiveness, nimbleness and adaptability, we will build upon our past successes and continue our upward trajectory by intentionally expanding our educational team, campus footprint and student body. This allows us to create new opportunities that align with existing and emerging societal demands and to meet and serve the Carroll mission of providing a superior education rooted in heritage of the liberal arts. 

Carroll University Will:

1. Increase the quantity and quality of our educational team by:

2. Increase the campus footprint to accommodate strategic academic growth and student development by:

3. Grow enrollment by:

4. Grow the reputation of Carroll University by:

5. Grow endowment by:

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"Carroll is poised for realistic growth...As an alumna and trustee, I am thrilled with Carroll's progress and very excited for all that is to come."

Lynda Johnson '80  |  Assistant Treasurer, Harley-Davidson

Additional Strategic Plan Goals:

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