Policy on Demonstrations, Including Protests, Marches and Rallies 

Responsible Office or Person: 

Date Revised: March 14, 2016

Scope and Policy Statement

This policy applies to all members of the University community defined as students, employees, contracted vendors, volunteers, and their invited guests as well as to those third party individuals or groups visiting the University independent of any specific invitation.

Carroll University supports the right of individual students, recognized student organizations, and employees to dissent and to demonstrate providing such activities do not disrupt normal campus operations, obstruct free access to University buildings, or infringe upon the rights of others. It is the intent of this policy to insure that all demonstrations on campus occur with minimal threat to the safety and security of persons or facilities and with minimal disruption to educational activities through proper planning and scheduling.

The University does not condone behavior that violates the freedom of speech, choice, assembly, or movement of individuals or organizations. In short, responsible dissent carries with it sensitivity for the civil rights of others.


Student: includes all enrolled full or part-time undergraduate and graduate students.

Employee: includes full and part-time faculty (including adjunct), full and part-time administrative staff, full and part-time support staff and administrators.

Demonstration: includes all demonstrations, protests, marches, rallies, leaflet distribution or other activity involving the public display of a group or multiple groups on University property. Please refer to the Policy on Partisan Activity for partisan political events.


The following guidelines will apply to all demonstrations: This policy does not supersede any local, state or federal laws and regulations. Members of the University community that plan a demonstration and fail to follow outlines procedures will be referred to the appropriate governing or discipline body. Since organizations and persons who are not students, recognized student organizations, or employees of the University are not subject to University discipline procedures, failure to comply with this policy may result in action under terms of local and State law, as appropriate.

Guidelines for Scheduled Demonstrations
Registered student organizations or other campus constituents that wish to schedule a demonstration, rally, or equivalent activity, may request the space through the regular reservation procedure up to forty-eight (48) hours in advance.

Guidelines for Unscheduled Demonstrations
Occasionally, events occur which demand immediate public outcry, and it is not the intent of this policy to limit the University community’s rights to protest such events. However, it is inappropriate for events which have been planned to circumvent the policies by claiming to be spontaneous. Because prior approval from the Office of Reservation and Events Services is not possible for unscheduled demonstrations, the use of public address systems or amplified sound is prohibited for unscheduled demonstrations.


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