Noise | Library Policies

Studying for a big exam? Maybe you need total silence.

Meeting a group from class to work on a project? Maybe you need space where you can talk with your group members and not disturb everyone around you.

Not sure what level of volume is OK where? Next time you're in the library, look for color coded stickers on tables or walls. These stickers will tell you what kind of noise level is appropriate for the area that in which you're studying.

We want to make sure that all students have the best place to study.

RED stickers mean silent study. This includes the Reading Room and the individual desks in the library stacks in the Reading Room and on the mezzanine. This means no conversation, no whispering, no group study and no phones.

ORANGE stickers mean whispering is OK. This includes the entire second floor and means no group studying, phones need to be off or set to silent, and if you use your laptop or phone to play audio, you need to use headphones.

YELLOW stickers mean low talking. This includes the Information Commons and the Curriculum Materials Collection. Small group study and normal conversation is OK, but phones should be set to silent or off, and you should use headphones with your music or laptop.

BLUE stickers mean academic conversation. This includes all the group study rooms and the Library Classroom. Phones should still be off or set to silent, but group conversational noise and laptop noise is fine.

GREEN stickers mean that any level of noise is OK. This only includes the Stone Creek Coffee Shop and the library lobby. Phones are OK, all conversation levels are allowed.

Please look for this signage and respect your fellow students by following the guidelines. Students have different study needs at different times, and we strive to provide a place in the library to accommodate everyone.

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