Circulation | Library Help and FAQ

‚ÄčWhere are the books located?

Our collections and call number ranges are located throughout the building. You can find all of them here

How long can I keep a Library book?

The normal circulation period for most books is 28 days with one renewal. DVDs and CDs can be checked out for 7 days. If the circulation period differs for your materials, you will be notified at the time of check-out. Magazines and periodicals cannot be checked out. Visit our Circulation Policy page for more information.

Faculty and staff have the same borrowing privileges as students.

Does the Library charge for overdue items?

Yes! It's important to return all library materials on time in order to avoid costly late fees. A fine of 25 cents per day is charged for most materials. Reserve items accrue fines at a higher rate of 50 cents per hour.

If you pay your fines when the items are returned, we will cut the fine for that item in half. We accept cash, check, or Carroll Cash for library fines. Unfortunately, the library does not accept credit cards for fine payment at this time. Please contact Denise Friestedt at 262.524.7179 or

How many books can I check out at a time?

You can check out 25 items at a time. This includes books, CDs, and DVDs.

How can I renew my books online?

Go to your library record in the Library Catalog and type in your name and Carroll ID number as directed. Once you are viewing your account, click on the button indicating the number of items you have checked out. You will then see a list of all titles in your account. Click in the box to the left of the title/s you would like to renew and click on the button labeled "Renew Selected Items." If you would like to renew all of your items at once, you may simply click on the button labeled "Renew All." Only one renewal is permitted for each item and the renewal period is the same as the original circulation period. If you are given any kind of error message in red letters, your item has not been renewed.

Can I renew Interlibrary Loan materials (ILL materials)?

Interlibrary Loan renewals are at the discretion of the lending library, and can be renewed online from your ILL account before the item is overdue. Please see our Interlibrary Loan Guide for more detailed information.

Can I recall a book that another person has checked out?

If you are interested in a particular book/material that is already checked out by another patron, you may notify the Circulation Desk in person or call 262.524.7175. We will take your personal information and in most cases, put a hold on the book to be saved for you upon its return. If the material is grossly overdue, we will recall the item for you by contacting the current borrower. Once the material has been returned to us, we will contact you to let you know that it is ready for pick up.

What are my options if the Library does not own a book that I want?

First, you may check the library catalogs of other academic or public libraries in the area to find out if any own the item.

If there are no local libraries who own the item, you may request the item via Interlibrary loan.

If you feel strongly that it is an item our library should own in the future, we encourage you contact your librarian. All suggestions are reviewed and are taken into consideration when we purchase new books for the library.

What do I do if I can't find the book and...

The catalog lists the status of a book/item as "CHECK SHELF" but I cannot find the book/item on the shelf?

The words "check shelf" mean that the item has not been checked out. Therefore, the item is still somewhere in the building. The first thing to do is check the shelves immediately surrounding the spot in which the book should be housed. If the book is not in the immediate area, check the reshelve carts located throughout the library. Chances are, someone has set them there to be reshelved. If the item is not there, check at the Circulation Desk. f we cannot locate the book for you on the spot, we will conduct a library-wide search for the item and will contact you once the item has been found.

The catalog lists the status of a book/item as "IN PROCESS?"

The words "in process" indicate that the book or material has been recently purchased and has not yet been cataloged for patron use. Usually, the material will be processed, checked in and on the shelves within a few days. Check back in a few days and in most cases the book will be on the shelf.

The catalog lists the status of a book/item as "NEW BOOKS?"

The words "new books" indicate that the book or material has been recently processed and has been placed on our new book tower in the lobby. The CMC has its own tower of new books, so be sure to note the location of the item for which you are looking in the catalog record.

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