Athletics Van Male Weight Room Monitor | Campus Employment

Department – Athletics
Job Title – Van Male Weight Room Monitor

Purpose of Job

  • Carroll University Weight Room Staff members are counted upon to be an active participant in the activities occurring in the weight room. The safety of those exercising in the weight room depends on the assistance of trained personnel willing to “spot” weight lifters as well as instruct and advise those using the facility. It is up to the weight room staff to provide a safe, clean and friendly environment to work out in.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assisting the Strength and Conditioning Coordinator with the training of Carroll University athletes; this includes teaching, spotting and supervising the proper execution of exercise programs
  • Enforcing all weight room rules and regulations
  • Advising weight room patrons on the proper lifting techniques
  • Inspecting the weight room and equipment for hazardous conditions, items that require maintenance, and areas in need of cleaning.
  • Communicating with weight room patrons and reporting all concerns, problems and requests to the appropriate supervisor
  • Responding to and/or assisting in emergency situations that affect the weight room facility or individuals within the weight room
  • Reporting the conditions within the weight room to appropriate supervisory personnel
  • Maintaining an accurate sign-in sheet for individuals entering and utilizing the weight room
  • Cleaning the upholstery of all weight room equipment on a hourly basis
  • Returning plate-weights and safety clasps to the appropriate equipment machine, weight rack or weight tree.
  • Wiping down all machine structures on a weekly basis
  • Finding substitute personnel in the event of an absence and notifying supervisory staff, as well as the Strength and Conditioning Coordinator as to the change is weight room coverage at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance whenever possible

Job Qualifications

  • Must be responsible and able to manage assigned work and school studies
  • Must be able to perform all assigned tasks on time and in a timely matter
  • Must be prompt for all shifts, and follow necessary protocol to be excused from shifts.


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