Athletics Lifeguard | Campus Employment

Department – Athletics
Job Title – Lifeguard

Purpose of Job

  • The duties of a Carroll University Lifeguard are of critical importance, for these individuals are literally responsible for the lives of those who use the pool. Lifeguards must be alert, wide awake, and mindful in order to assure the safety of those on the pool deck. The majority of pool accidents can be prevented before they occur and only the lifeguard can stop them from happening. All lifeguards must have current CPR, First Aid and Lifeguard certification.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Opening and guarding the pool during specified hours of operation
  • Enforcing all pool rules and regulations
  • Checking and following procedures posted in the pool area
  • Inspecting the pool for hazardous conditions, items that require maintenance, and areas in need of cleaning
  • Responding to emergency situations within the pool.
  • Performing First Aid, CPR and rescue breathing as necessary and according to the American Red Cross requirements.
  • Calling 911 when appropriate.
  • Filling out accident forms.
  • Renewing certifications when necessary.
  • Locking the pool area, when appropriate, following a scheduled shift.
  • Maintaining a clear deck area and waters free from debris
  • Accurately recording pool utilization on a daily and hourly basis
  • Communicating with pool patrons and reporting problems and requests to the supervisor
  • Attending all scheduled meetings.
  • Finding a substitute when you are not able to work and reporting the change to your supervisor.

Job Qualifications

  • Must be responsible and able to manage assigned work and school studies
  • Must be able to perform all assigned tasks on time and in a timely matter
  • Must be prompt for all shifts, and follow necessary protocol to be excused from shifts.


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