Athletics Registration Desk | Campus Employment

Department – Athletics
Job Title – Registration Desk

Purpose of Job

  • A Carroll University Registration Desk Monitor represents the entire Carroll University Athletic Program as the first person facility patrons and guests see when entering our facilities. For this reason, the importance of the registration monitor cannot be overstated. They alone have the responsibility of creating a positive first impression of our entire staff in all areas. The success of all our student workers begins here.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Enforcing all facility rules and regulations
  • Collecting Carroll University Identification cards and verifying the eligibility of patrons to enter and utilize our facilities
  • Inspecting the entrance area for hazardous conditions, items that require maintenance, and areas in need of cleaning
  • Communicating with facility patrons and reporting their requests to the Shift Supervisor
  • Responding to or assisting in emergency situations that affect the facility and those within the facility.
  • Advising the Shift Supervisor of security conditions within the facility
  • Compiling a tally of the number of people entering the facility on a hourly basis
  • Maintaining a record of all guests and visitors to our facility, as well as the faculty/staff member they are meeting
  • Providing helpful directions and information to inquiring patrons
  • Cleaning the entrance area according to conditions and an established schedule
  • Cell Phones, Computers or other Electronic Devices
  • Cell Phones and using computers for non-work related tasks is not permitted.
  • This includes not using personal laptops, cell phones, iPods, card games, etc. by anyone at work. This applies to all workers.

Job Qualifications

  • Must be responsible and able to manage assigned work and school studies
  • Must be able to perform all assigned tasks on time and in a timely matter
  • Must be prompt for all shifts, and follow necessary protocol to be excused from shifts.


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