for Associate Degree Students

2022-2023 Associate Degree Tuition

Per credit tuition

Cost of attendance

Cost of attendance includes all direct costs while attending school, as well as indirect costs (transportation, books and supplies and miscellaneous expenses). Cost of attendance budgets were constructed based on a student survey as well as fixed costs set by Carroll. These budgets are available upon request to all students. Students have the right to review their budget and request that their budget be re-evaluated based on additional expenses (i.e. study abroad programs, child care expenses, disability related expenses, etc). An increase in your educational budget may enable you to become eligible for additional student loans. Below are the most common budgets for associate degree students.

These cost of attendance budgets are constructed to help with cost of attending college. These budgets are not what you owe to Carroll.

Associate Degree Student Budgets: Full Time 1 Semester

With Parent
Off Campus (not with Parents)
With Parent:$5,550
Off Campus (not with Parents):$5,550
With Parent:$730
Off Campus (not with Parents):$730
With Parent:$567
Off Campus (not with Parents):$598
Room & Board
With Parent:$913
Off Campus (not with Parents):$3,733
With Parent:$1,027
Off Campus (not with Parents):$1,693
With Parent:$985
Off Campus (not with Parents):$927
Loan Fees
With Parent:$34
Off Campus (not with Parents):$34
With Parent:$9,806
Off Campus (not with Parents):$13,265

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