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2024-2025 Meal Plans

2024-25 Resident Meal Plans and Rates
2024-25 Grand Avenue Meal Plans and Rates
2024-25 Commuter Meal Plans and Rates

2023-2024 Meal Plans

All meal plans feature:

  • A guaranteed block of meals for each week of the semester – you decide how many! 
  • The flexibility to use your meal plan at all dining locations on campus during regularly scheduled and posted transfer hours.
  • Dining Dollars that can be used anytime and anywhere.
  • Extra meals each semester that can be used exclusively during Winter Session or Summer Session 1. Meals are available in block plan format. The amount is based on your Fall or Spring Meal Plan (see below for more details). A maximum of two meals may be spent per meal period.
  • The All Access plan gives unlimited access to the MDR only. In addition, there are eight meals per week that can be used anywhere on campus for any meal—or meal equivalency—purchase.

Important Dates

  • Fall meal plans are valid Sep. 1–Dec. 21, 2023
  • Spring meal plans are valid Jan. 14–May 9, 2024
  • Dining Dollars are valid Sep. 1, 2023–June 1, 2024
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The All Access Platinum Plan 

allows unlimited entry into the Gert Ullsperger Main Dining Room (MDR) during operating hours. Come in for a full meal, quick snack or to refill your mug anytime the MDR is open, allowing you to save your Dining Dollars to use at our other dining locations.  
  • 8 meals available per week at any other campus dining location
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2023-24 Meal Plan Policies

  1. All Carroll students who are subject to the residency requirement are also required to select a Resident Meal Plan. Students that have achieved junior standing (60 credits) by the beginning of the academic year (fall semester) and live in Frontier, Pioneer or Prairie Halls may also select a Grand Avenue Meal Plan. Only students living in the Carroll Street, College Avenue or Hartwell Avenue Apartments are exempt from this policy.
  2. Students may increase their meal plan at any time. The deadline to decrease or cancel a meal plan is one business day prior to the first day of classes each semester as published in the Carroll University catalog and academic calendar.
  3. Students who select a meal plan for fall semester will automatically be billed for the same plan for spring semester unless they make a change prior to the deadline.
  4. Weekly meal plans offer a guaranteed number of meals per week and reset every Sunday. All meal plans include Dining Dollars and allow meal exchanges during posted hours. A maximum of two meals may be spent per meal period*. Meals are non-transferrable and are intended to be used by the account (meal plan) holder.
  5. Five guest meals will be available per month for students on the Residential and Grand Avenue plans to treat friends and family. Guest meals may be used simultaneously or individually at any cashier station.
  6. Unused meals are not transferable from fall to spring semester. Extra fall meals may be used during Winter Session; extra spring meals may be used during Summer Session 1. Unused Dining Dollars will be transferred from fall to spring semester. Dining Dollars must be used by the end of Summer Session 1**. Unused meal plans and Dining Dollars are not refundable.
  7. Only currently enrolled Carroll students may participate in a meal plan. Students who withdraw or leave the University are no longer eligible to use their selected meal plan and will be held responsible for outstanding charges as published in the University catalog.

*A maximum of two meals may be spent per meal period at cashier stations. This does not apply to Fast Pass locations (MDR primarily). Students wishing to use two meals and/or guest meals must see a cashier to process those transactions.

** Students may add additional dining dollars to their plans at any time. Students who are not enrolled in a meal plan may also add dining dollars to their accounts. All dining dollars must be used by the end of Summer Session 1, regardless of when they were added to a student’s account.

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