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BookCHARGE allocations for Fall 2022 are available now.  BookCHARGE is available to currently enrolled students who signed a BookCHARGE Agreement, have a current Pioneer Card, and have no holds on their student account.  Please remember, BookCHARGE is not an award of financial aid.  BookCHARGE purchases will be charged to your student account.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is BookCHARGE available and how does it work?

BookCHARGE is available for the fall 2022 semester now. Students who wish to use BookCHARGE are required to sign the BookCHARGE Agreement Form. Signing the agreement will NOT immediately release your funds. You will receive an e-mail indicating your funds are ready for use. This e-mail will also include your confidential BookCHARGE pin to be used at checkout.

‚ÄčOnce you receive the automated "funds are ready for use" e-mail, you can purchase your books from the Carroll University online Bookstore using your BookCHARGE information included in the e-mail.

You can purchase your textbooks from the e-mail link or through the student portal. When you select the appropriate term, the link will connect to your schedule, displaying materials for your registered courses. At check-out, indicate that you would like to pay using BookCHARGE, which will post the charges to your student account.

Renting textbooks? BookCHARGE covers the initial rental fee, but a credit card is required for associated late fees. If you do not return your rentals at the end of the semester, the credit card will be charged.

Remember: All Textbooks must be purchased online

How am I charged for BookCHARGE purchases?

Be responsible about your purchases. BookCHARGE purchases will be reflected on your student account, and will be billed to you on the next billing statement. As with other charges to your student account, unpaid bookstore charges might result in late fees, registration and transcript holds.

Can my Financial Aid be used toward my BookCHARGE purchases?

Yes, by using BookCHARGE, you authorize the use of financial aid funds, including Title IV financial aid funds, to pay for bookstore charges assessed against your student account.

Download a PDF "sample" copy of the Carroll University BookCHARGE Agreement.


Click here to access and fill out the BookCHARGE form. 


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