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Charge Textbooks to Your Student Account

BookCHARGE allows students to charge textbooks, including rental textbooks up to $750.00 each semester, directly to their student account on the following terms and conditions. 

BookCHARGE is available to currently enrolled students who signed a BookCHARGE Agreement, have a current Pioneer Card, and have no holds on their student account.  Please remember, BookCHARGE is not an award of financial aid.  BookCHARGE purchases will be charged to your student account.

Students who wish to use BookCHARGE are required to sign the BookCHARGE Agreement form.  Signing the agreement will not immediately release your funds.  You will receive an e-mail indicating your funds are ready for use.  This e-mail will also include your confidential BookCHARGE pin to be used at checkout.

When you use BookCHARGE, you authorize the use of financial aid funds, including your Title IV financial aid funds, to pay for bookstore charges assessed against your student account.
Be responsible about your purchases.  BookCHARGE purchases will be reflected on your student account, and will be billed to you on the next billing statement.  As with other charges to your student account, unpaid bookstore charges may result in late fees, registration and transcript holds.

BookCHARGE is available each semester based on the dates below:

START DATE:  July 1st
END DATE:  September 15th

START DATE:  November 1st
END DATE:  February 15th

START DATE:  April 1st
 END DATE:  June 30th                              

If a start date is on a weekend/holiday, BookCHARGE will start on the next business day.  End dates are roughly 10 days after the start date of the semester and are subject to change. Please check your student e-mail for updated BookCHARGE start and end dates.


BookCharge Agreement form

Visit the link below to access the login portal for BookCHARGE and complete the agreement form.

Access BookCHARGE form

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