Parents and Other Authorized User Designation and Setup | Business Office

Students may create a Parent username and password to allow parents, guardians and other authorized users to view eBILLS and to make ePAYMENTS.

To set up this authorization, students should sign in to Click on "Student" Click on > "Billing and Payment" Click on > "Add Parent/Authorized User."

The parent or authorized user will receive a password through the email address provided by the student. A username and password must be created and in place before the parent or authorized user can attempt to use it. Once this has been completed, and a user password has been received, the parent or authorized user will be able to access eBILL and ePAY at

NOTE TO STUDENTS: The "authorized user" set-up will allow parents and/or others, designated by the student, to view bills and pay student account balances online.

To allow the Financial Aid Office and the Business Office to speak with your parent or authorized user, you will need to complete a "FERPA" (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act) waiver. Without a FERPA form, we are legally prohibited from releasing your financial information to anyone but you.

Financial Aid/Business Office FERPA Waiver:

Access the FERPA waiver form at

For business office purposes, the FERPA authorization is negated once a student is no longer registered at Carroll University.

NOTE: A separate FERPA form is required by the Registrar's Office. For information regarding this FERPA waiver, go to:

Registrar's Office FERPA Waiver:

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