Carroll's Physician Assistant Program Receives Global Outreach Grant

Author: Tim Muma

Published Date: 8/3/2023

Categories: Grants and Research Physician Assistant Studies

The Physician Associate Foundation Grants and Scholarships Committee awarded the Robert K. Pedersen Global Outreach Grant funding for Carroll University's Physician Assistant (PA) program and its work with the Waukesha Free Clinic. The grant will help to finance Carroll's "Beat Diabetes with Healthy Lungs and Healthy Feet - Pneumovax/Diabetic Care Clinic." The funding will provide insulin diabetics at the Waukesha Free Clinic with the Pneumovax vaccine, diabetic foot exams and education during a one-day clinic.

Carroll PA students and faculty will develop and carry out the duties of the clinic exclusively. Under the supervision of the faculty, students will help patients complete intake forms, manage the pre and post-clinic education survey, administer injections, perform exams and provide diabetic foot care education. Evaluations will also take place to determine the patients' knowledge of foot care and possible complications such as infection, ulcerations, neuropathy and amputation.

According to the grant proposal, this is a "small but worthy project where the lives of at least 40 uninsured and underserved diabetic patients will be helped by preventing a potentially life-threatening pulmonary infection and the reduction of medical utilization. The patient will also be given limb-saving education that will last a lifetime and potentially shared with other diabetics in their lives." ​This is a wonderful example of how the partnership between the Waukesha Free Clinic and Carroll's PA program improves the community's health while enriching academic experiences. 

This particular grant provides support to projects involving PAs and PA students in humanitarian efforts designed to help underserved communities in developing countries and the United States. Since 2006, the Robert K. Pedersen Global Outreach Grant had only been given to projects in other countries until now – yet another example of Carroll University being a pioneer in education.
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