Mark F. Lassman-Eul '79

2008 Distinguished Alumnus Award for Community Service

Mark Lassman-Eul '79 was an international partner for Habitat for Humanity (HFH) in Africa and is now an organizational development consultant for HFH’s U.S. office.  Mark began his professional career working as a coordinator of housing and hall director at Carroll for four years.  He then volunteered for HFH. After 10 weeks of training at its international headquarters, Mark and his wife, Karen, left for Africa to work on the HFH project in the Nzoia community in Kenya.  They worked throughout eastern Africa for three years.  His career with HFH continued as a volunteer manager, personnel director and educational resources developer at HFH headquarters before taking a regional position in 1994.  Mark serves primarily as a coach and educator to HFH leaders; he also volunteers for HFH projects in the lower Midwest.

Mark graduated from Carroll summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history. He went on to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where he earned his Master’s degree in educational administration in 1982.  During his student tenure at Carroll, he twice took part in the cross cultural opportunities abroad where his passion for international affairs and efforts began.  He continues  to hold a deep admiration for Dr. Jack R. Dukes, professor emeritus of history, and Dr. Paul Rempe, professor emeritus of history, for whom he worked with and for as a history department work-study assistant.

Mark and his wife Karen live in Springfield, Mo., with their three daughters, all adopted from India. The entire family volunteers at the Indian orphanage from which the girls were adopted. Mark also has led HFH work trips to Central America, the Caribbean, Asia and Europe, and has served as a U.S. ambassador for Habitat for Humanity of Northern Ireland.

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