Frequently Asked Questions

Carroll University’s Honors Program is an exclusive program and only a limited number of students are invited to join every year. Currently, the Honors Program admits up to 36 prospective students and 14 current first-year students each year.

Do I need to apply?
Yes. The program keeps rolling admissions, but places are filled on a first come, first served basis.

I am a prospective student, how do I apply?
All students who confirm an offer of admission to Carroll University are automatically invited to apply. With the confirmation letter you will also receive a link to the application for the Honors Program. In addition, admission counselors recommend talented students to the Program who have demonstrated extraordinary leadership potential. If you are among them, you will be invited to apply before an offer is made.

I am already a student at Carroll, can I apply?
If you are in your first year at Carroll you may be referred to the Honors Program by one of your current professors. The Honors Center invites faculty and staff who teach first-year courses and work closely with first-year students to nominate outstanding students who are then invited to apply. Be sure to give your best in class and shine. You never know, you might receive an email from us in the spring semester!

When will I hear if I have been invited?
When you apply, you will see that the application process is very simple and does not ask you for any test scores or GPAs. We believe that talent and potential for greatness can manifest in many ways, and our Honors admission is informed by a holistic view of what contributes to excellence and leadership. You can expect to hear back about your application within 3 weeks. If you impress the selection committee you will be invited for a brief interview, shortly after which we may extend a formal invitation to join the program.

I received your invitation and I accept. Now what?
If you are a prospective first-year student, we expect that you will:

  • Live on campus in the Honors Hall of Residence at A. Paul Jones Honors Hall, together with all other first-year Honors students.
  • Enroll for the fall semester in the following two courses:
    • CCS100H
    • ENG170H

If Carroll University waives any of these first-year requirements, the Honors Program will waive them too. We will also help you work around any possible scheduling conflict.

If you are a current Carroll student, you will be automatically enrolled in a 0 credit Honors Seminar for the next fall semester. Stay tuned for details!

More questions? Please contact us!

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